A Night in Paris at The Bradbury Bistro, presented by PlaySafe USA, was an absolute BLAST! 🍾
The ambiance was electrifying as the venue transformed into a classic French sidewalk cafe found just like on the mesmerizing streets of Paris! The turnout was phenomenal, with guests pouring in, dressed to the nines, ready for an unforgettable evening!

As the night progressed, the city’s iconic lights sparkled and shone brightly in the background, mirroring the twinkle in the eyes of each guest. The energy was palpable, making everyone feel like they truly belonged in the heart of Paris. The Best Dressed competition was a highlight of the night, with participants strutting and twirling in sync to the Parisian melodies floating overhead. The delicious French hors d’oeuvres and dainty pastries kept everyone going back for seconds and thirds! And there was one lucky raffle ticket winner that went home with a large gift basket filled with beautiful gifts donated by many of downtown Anderson’s unique small businesses and supporters of PlaySafe. 💖

A Night in Paris was indeed a monumental success, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next extraordinary gathering at the beautiful Bradbury Bistro.  So, let’s keep the spirit alive and cherish the memories created during this truly electric night!

👏 Kudos to the organizers and hosts for orchestrating such a phenomenal event. Paris came alive in the heart of the city, leaving everyone in awe of the magical night they had experienced. 

[Much thanks to Electric City Circuit for their great promo shoutout (placed on Facebook), of which we’ve used partially in our writeup!]

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