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The sports medicine services in our community are unfunded by the state. PlaySafe, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, strives to support essential sports medicine services to our athletic youth and community by providing certified athletic trainers to secondary schools in our community. We believe that professional, comprehensive sports medicine services begin with a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and are critical to safe and healthy athletic participation. Certified athletic trainers are sports-related injury prevention, assessment, and care experts. Simply put, the presence of a certified athletic trainer can save a life.

Sports Medicine Care for All

PlaySafe provides full-time athletic training services to all student-athletes in our area. In addition, a certified athletic trainer will be available in all secondary schools to offer comprehensive sports medicine and health services for all students. These services will promote healthy and safe athletic participation, return-to-sports activities, and a healthy lifestyle and educational programming for students and non-athletes. In addition, PlaySafe’s secondary school program will serve as a community-based wellness program from which additional community programming can be developed and delivered.

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