PlaySafe USA Hooks Success with Inaugural Fishing
Tournament – Eyes May 18, 2024 for Next Community Cast

PlaySafe USA, a beacon of hope and health in unserved communities, recently reeled in both fun and funds with its first-ever fishing tournament. The event, which went beyond just baiting hooks and catching fish, served as a reminder of the organization’s commitment to fostering community spirit and awareness around its vital sports medicine and mental health services.

Participants, ranging from novice anglers to seasoned pros, gathered at the serene waters of Lake Hartwell, where the spirit of competition was matched by a shared dedication to the nonprofit’s cause. Each cast served not just the hope of a catch but also symbolized a line thrown to communities in need of PlaySafe USA’s comprehensive care, including access to Fulltime Athletic Trainers and crucial community programs.

As the day unfolded, the air buzzed with excitement and camaraderie. The event was not only a triumph in terms of engagement and outreach, with proceeds directly funding the nonprofit’s initiatives; it was a testament to the community’s generous spirit and belief in the power of sport and health education.

The success of the tournament has set the stage for PlaySafe USA’s next foray into the tranquil world of fishing competitions. Scheduled for May 18, 2024, the upcoming event promises to be another day of community, competition, and contribution. As PlaySafe USA continues to cast its net wider, it remains anchored in its mission to bring essential services to those who would otherwise go without.

The call of the water beckons once more to those who share in the vision of a healthier, more safe community. PlaySafe USA invites anglers of all skill levels to join in the ripple effect of change, one fish and one life at a time. Mark your calendars for May 18, when lines will be cast at dawn, not just for the thrill of the catch but for the catch that truly matters—improving lives across communities.

To learn more about the upcoming tournament, participate, or contribute, please visit 

Your support helps PlaySafe USA continue to provide life-changing services and uphold the message that every individual deserves access to quality sports medicine care.

In the great tapestry of community events, PlaySafe USA’s fishing tournaments are quickly becoming not just a thread but a vibrant strand, weaving together fun, fundraising, and the fulfillment of a critical mission. Join us at the water’s edge this May 18, where every catch is a catch for community health and vitality.

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Tournament Winners

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1 Justin Raines / Bradley Day
2 Barrett Keel / Brody Manley
3 Larry Fleeman / Randy Fleeman

Our Tournament Sponsors

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The Clemson University Persing Rifles Company C-4 present colors for the National Anthem, during the 5Alive Hooked On PlaySafe Fishing Tournament, at Green Pond Landing on Lake Hartwell in Anderson County, S.C. on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Proceeds help high school sports programs in the area keep athletes safe, and bring awareness to safety in sports.