Leon Abramovich, Director of Sales for Richmar, a Compass Health company.

(February 5, 2024). Richmar has announced the further expansion of its company’s involvement in the Athletic Training network with a partnership with PlaySafe USA, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. PlaySafe strives to support essential sports medicine services to student athletes by providing certified athletic trainers to secondary schools in the community.

The sports medicine services in numerous communities are unfunded by the state. Richmar and PlaySafe USA mutually believe that professional and comprehensive sports medicine services begin with a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and are vital to safe and healthy athletic participation. Certified athletic trainers are experts in sports-related injury prevention, assessment, and care. Simply put, the presence of a certified athletic trainer in a sports setting is indispensable.

Through this new partnership, the Middleburg Heights, OH-based company will support PlaySafe in its efforts to improve the sports medicine offering at 20 school programs across the region. Richmar will provide each individual school with three clinical devices to be used in athletic training recovery and injury prevention. These clinical devices include a muscle stimulator device, a therapeutic ultrasound, and a four-part sequential leg compression system. With efforts to expand nationally in the coming future, Richmar is dedicated to ensuring PlaySafe is equipped with the resources to do so.

Founded in 2011, PlaySafe has grown to a regional footprint of twenty-two locations across the two states of South Carolina and Georgia. While working with forty-six certified athletic trainers, PlaySafe provides full-time athletic training and health services to all student-athletes in the specified areas.

playsafe athletic trainer using richmar products with a student

“We are thrilled to announce a partnership between PlaySafe USA and Richmar, Compass Health Brands, marking a step forward in our commitment to providing exceptional sports medicine services to unserved communities, “ said Brandy Singleton, PlaySafe USA’s Chief Executive Officer. “This collaboration is not just a partnership; it’s a testament to Richmar’s dedication to health and wellness, aligning perfectly with our mission to ensure safe and healthy athletic participation for all. I extend my deepest gratitude to Richmar, and Compass Health Brands, for their generous support and shared vision. Together, we are poised to make a profound impact, bringing us closer to a future where every athlete has access to the care they deserve.”

PlaySafe USA’s services will promote healthy and safe athletic participation, return-to-sports activities, and educational programming for students and non-athletes. In addition, PlaySafe’s secondary school program serves as a community-based wellness program from which additional programming can be developed and delivered.

playsafe athletic trainer using richmar products with a student

“The partnership cultivated between PlaySafe USA and Richmar is the start of something remarkable, a dedication by both organizations to make a difference in our own backyards. The future of our country starts with children and students. Protecting them while encouraging participation in sports and athletic endeavors should be a standard. It is critical that students are equipped with the necessary tools to achieve a safe and healthy athletic environment. Richmar is proud to play a role in making strides to do so. “ said Leon Abramovich, Director of Sales for Richmar, a Compass Health company.

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PlaySafe USA is a Sports Medicine Services 501c(3) non-profit organization, providing Athletic Trainers to secondary schools. Our Certified Athletic Trainers are sports-related injury prevention, assessment, and care experts, whose presence saves lives. They also specialize in patient education to prevent injuries in the first place, which reduces rehabilitation and re-injury healthcare costs.